[3.2 GB] SEI Estera Gakuin No Shichinin No Majo / Seven Witches Academy of St. Estella (Astronauts: Sirius) [Cen] [2013, VN, Witch, Rape, Oral, Anal, Group,] [jap]

-Sei Estera Gakuin No Shichinin No Majo / 聖エステラ 学院 の 人人 の 魔女 / seven witches Academy of St. Estella
Year of release: 2013
Release Date: 2013/03/29
Genre: VN, Witch, Rape, Oral, Anal, Group, Double Penetration
Censorship: There are in the game (Games) Distribution
Developer / Publisher: Astronauts: Sirius
Platform: PC / Windows
Publication Type: License
Tabletka: Not required
Language of the game: Japanese
Interface Language: Japanese
Voice Language: Japanese
System Requirements: OS: WindowsXP / Vista / 7, CPU: Pentium4 1.0MHz, Ram: 256, 1024×768 , DirectX: 9.0CE description:
This game about Yukito, a young guy who enters the Academy, which specializes in teaching potential receiving children for rich families who need heir. There, rumors about “witches” fill the halls, and constantlyBut students disappear. What awaits Yukito in his new environment?
-dop. Information:
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Saving / Save – is contained in the game folder