[4.08 GB] Queen and Slave / Square of the Moon: The Night Is Coming! / Love Lessons / Oni Tensei: Demon’s Collection / Mystery of the Necronomicon / Queen and Slave / Faceless Moon / Love Lessons / On-Tensay / Mystery Necronomicon [ Uncen] [DVD5] [rus]

Queen and Slave / Square of the Moon: The Night Is Coming! /
Love Lessons / Oni Tensei: Demon’s Collection / Mystery of the Necronomicon
JOOU-SAMA WA M Dorei / Yoru Ga Kuru! Square of the Moon /
Jinshin YUUGI / Oni-Tensei / Kuro No Danshou
Queen and Slave / Faceless Moon / Love Lessons /
On-Tensay / Mystery Necronomicon
Year of production: 2000 [ 123] Genre: Anal, Bondage, BDSM, Big Breasts, Drama, Group, Oral, Rape, Sex Toys, Maids, Yuri
: EP.1, EP.1, EP.1-4 0F 4
Duration: 28 min., 31 min., 58 min., 30 min.-4.24 min.-4
censorship: missing
Language: Russian
Voice: Amateur (single-haired)
Director : Araki Tetzuro, Rutza Tasaki, Macoto Highness, Condo Nobuhiro, Takama HiDeki
Studio: ACGT, Milky, Green Bunny,
Queen andThe slave
the same theraday leads a double life. In the afternoon, she is a friendly nurse, but at night she gives pleasure to the masochists. Yes, this is such a life. And she did not complain about her, he received decent grandmother for it, and so it was until one guy was singing from the hospital, where she worked. Having received a refusal, this guy swore revenge. As a result, the ones themselves becomes a masochist and his slave.
The faceless Moon
The film tells about the events that happened 4 years after the last battle of Sailor soldiers. Now girls live ordinary life, they can no longer reincarnate in Sailor Warriors – after all, the silver crystal was destroyed. Ami became a doctor, Rei – Priestess, Makoto – designer flowers, and Minako – a popular singer worldwide. Usagi is now 18 years old and she is going to marry momsyell It would seem that everything is fine, but Usagi and Mamorus quarrel. Usagi cancels the wedding! The moon tells all this Queen of Serenity. The queen tells her that she feels the presence of evil. Mio’s cournel is reborn and becomes … a new queen of a new dark kingdom
Love lessons
One guy owes the bandits a large amount of money. This fact had fallen into his kidneys, but at the same time he was given a chance to work out debt. He was offered to become a sex instructor for girls who also climbed into debt. The guy instantly agreed. Work is difficult and exhausting, and each girl needs to be prepared, given the wishes of the client to whom this girl belongs. Look and find out how he coped with it ..
terrible tattoo in the form of a demon, which can beGo and create evil! Any man who wates a heroine – will be killed, and any woman is raped. This is a curse that inflicted the girl tattoo master. If you do not take into account the hentai side, it would be not a bad detective.
Mystery of Necronomicon
Private Detective Satoshi Szazusaska comes to the hotel, located high in the mountains along with his reception daughter, to take a little rest from the business routine. A detective pursues his past in dreams, which he does not remember anything. He sees the same nightmare in the hotel. The situation is even complicated by the fact that the whole family was brutally killed by the same night, and their eyes were spilled and put on the saucer. Because of this case, as well as because of the impending snow storm, most of the guests leave the hotel. On the second part of the rest also performedI am a brutal murder and suspicion falls for each of the remaining, not excluding the detection itself, for their past is in themselves what they would not want to open. By disterminable logical manipulations, the detective comes to the conclusion that all the signs lead him again, in a small town in the depth of the country, it was there, in one of the hotels 6 years ago he lost his memory. It turns out that at that time a similar series of murders was committed to which Satoshi was also related. Soon it turns out that Herbert West is a killer, and he makes his killings, guided by necronomicon. To the peculiarities of this anime, I want to attribute a good degree of drawing of the characters of the film, as well as common species. Scenes of violence and its results are distinguished by great realism.
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FormMat video: MPEG
Video codec: MPEG2
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Audio 1: Russian, 48.0CHC, 0.125 MB / s , 2.