[473.8 MB] FAQ Dodgers (RedfireSoft) [UNCEN] [2002, 3D, Arcade] [ENG]

FAQ Dodgers
Year of release: 2002
Genre: 3D, Arcade
Censorship: None / There is a patch for deletion
Developer / Publisher: RedfireSoft
Platform: PC / Windows
Publication Type: License
Tabletka: Not required
Language of the game: English
Interface language: English
Language of voice: English
System Requirements: Pentium 4, 256 MB RAM,
SVGA Graphics Card (64 MB), Mouse, Sound Card
Description: After the Red Killer-Bitches from Planet Rectal 6 Kidnapped Longdong? S Pleasure Slaves, Our Hero Faq Dodgers Is Asked for Help to Rescue The Hostages and to Fuck All The Holes of the Red Killer-Bitches. This Is The Only Way to Deal with the Dangerous Creatures: FAQ Has to Fuck Them Without Mercy and To Screw Them From Behind. HIS Sperm Shows Proverbial Explosive Effects On TheAlienbabes. But Before He Can Penetrate The Killer-Bitches He Has to Eliminate Their Dangerous Probes (Which Shoot Down Like Lightning) with His Gun. After He Is Finished With An Alienbabe He Has to Free The Floating Female Prisoners from the libido-absorbing brainsuckers. To Shake Off The Brainsuckers from the Girls Heads He Has to Use His Prick Again.
When the Red Whores from Rectal 6 kidnap the slaves of a long dong, Fuck Dodgers calls to help free hostages and shut down the mouths whores and just all their other holes But he can neutralize the dangerous animals, the only way – fucked them, he must fuck their pussies – and then their ass. Then his cum will have a really explosive effect on aliens. But before he can insert his tool in them, oN first should blow the flying plates, and these plates shoot faster than the eye can blink! When he rubs with all aliens, he will have to free the prisoners who fly around – from the sexual, but terrible brain. It must very well use his instrument here, because this is the only way to remove the brain, in other words, they should be fucked.
Extras. Information:
– Unique Combination of Virtual Fucking and Shooting-Game.
– Complete Game in 3D Comic-Style.
– Modern Game-Engine “Virtual Lubrication”
Offers Interactive Fucking-Pleasure. [ 123] – Lots of Screwing & Movie-Style-Intro.
– Very Hot Fucking-Scenes Inserted.
– 10 Fantastic Game Worlds.
– Hard Soundtrack / Horny Fuck-Sounds.
– Action Shooter MODUS.