[5.65 GB] Night Shift Nurses Experiment / Yakin Byautou San / Nurses Night Shift (Kinji Yoshimoto, Mink, Discovery, Arms, Green Bunny) (EP. 1-3 of 3) [UNCEN] [2006 Allsex, Oral, Nurses , Teen, DVD5] [JAP / ENG / FRA / GER / ITA (1,2)]

Night Shift Nurses Experiment / YAKIN BYOUTOU SAN / 夜勤 病 棟 · 参 参
Nurses Night shift

Country: Japan Genre: All Sex, Oral, Nurses, Teen Duration: OVA, 3 ep. 30 min
Year of release: 2006 Censorship: No
Language: Japanese voice: Original language: English voice acting: Professional (full duplication) Subtitles: yes
Language: German Subtitles: yes Language: Frazuz subtitles: yes Language: Italian subtitles: yes (EP1,2)
Director: Kinji Yoshimoto Studio: Mink, Discovery, Arms, Green Bunny Description Experiment 1: On the Verge of Death and Enduring a Serious Wound, a man stumbles into a hospital , Only to Be Saved by a Sexy Nurse Named Yu Yagami. He Is Moved To the Special Ward Where He Is Interviewed by The Beautiful Hospital Director Reika Goei. ThereUpon She Asks HiM to Become A Test Subject For a New Virility Drug. With No Parents, Siblings or a Girlfriend in His Life, He Agrees to Become a Test Subject. Immediately, Yu Yagami Gets Assigned to Be His “Personal” Nurse.
Description Experiment 2: ASKED by The Beautiful Hospital Director Reiko Goei to Become a Tester for a new Drug, Sora Agrees to “Muff” Dive Right in. He Then Moves to A Special Ward Where He Meets Yu Yagami, The Delicious Head Nurse of the Testing Unit. Bored and Alone, He decides to Snoop Around on the Hospital Computer Where He Stumbles Upon Information on The Lustful, Sex Addicted Nurse, Hiyori Kisaragi. Sora Edges Towards A Friendship with Hiyori, However To His Surprise; Hiyori Has Something Much More Pornographic in Mind Than Just Being Friends. “FOR MY EXPERIMENT, I WANT YOU TOPlay with Me! “Says Hiyori. But Experiments Can Sometimes Lead to So Much More.
Description Experiment 3: The Third Installment of the Night Shift Nurses: Experiment Series Brings The Action to a Whole New Level. Head Nurse Seion Yuunagi, Yu Yagami, Rieka Goei and and Sora LEAD This Cast That Are About to make Things Get Real Hot. With Sora Falling Over and Being Carried to the Sick Room, The Controversy Begins as Yu Yagami Knows The Reason of His Collapse. SEION THEN PLANS To Sacrafice Him, However, Rieka Has Other Plans Because She Believees Him to Be The Ideal Test Subject. So the expert begins, and it’s about to head to a whole Lot More. Quality: DVD5 Format: DVD Video Video Codec: MPEG2 Audio Codec: AC3
Video: MPEG2 Video 720×480 (4: 3) 29.97FPS 7100Kbps
Audio 1: JAPAnese, Dolby AC3 48000hz Stereo 192Kbps Audio 2: English, Dolby AC3 48000HZ STEREO 192KBPS