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Art of Luis Royo / Selection of art from the artist Luis Royo
Author: Luis Royo
Website of the publisher: http://www.luisroyo.com/[123 Dressing Distribution: MISC
Censorship: None
Genre: Erotic, Fantasy
Language: English
Language: Spanish
Page Resolution: “from 242 * 450 to 7374 * 7375”
Number of pages: 1564
Format: jpg
Description : Luis Royo (Spanish Luis Royo) – Spanish artist working in the genre of fiction. Author of the covers of fantastic books, music albums, comics. The winner of the “Wanderer” premium 2002.
Royo was born in the city of Allala, Spain in 1954. He graduated from the design school in Zaragoza with a degree in interior designer. In parallel, engaged in painting, from the mid-70s participating in professional exhibitions. In 1981, Louis began working at Heavy Metal Magazine,Drawing comics. From 1983 it works as an illustrator for books and journal covers, moving in Europe and America. Images of nude women in fantastic entourage are the most famous works of Royo, sometimes with weapons. This style relates him to Boris Vallejo and Frank Framet.
Louis made an animator artist Cartoon heavy metal, as well as a computer game cover HEAVY METAL F.A.K.K.K. 2.
Extras. Information: This collection includes the original albums of Louis Royo and the folder with the works that are not combined
33 folders and 1564 files
in folders containing in the title the word “incomplete”, only erotic content files are presented (t. To. In addition to them, ordinary fantasy art is usually included in the albums)