[1.04 GB] Princess XFD ~ IinaZuke Wa Owaranai!? ~ / Princess XFD ~ Choosing a bride is not yet finished? ~ (Poison @ Berry) [Cen] [2012, Fantasy, Comedy, Romantic, Monster, Demon] [jap]

プ リ ン セ ス ス ス ~ ~ ~ 許 嫁 は 終 わ ら な な!? ~ / Princess XFD ~ IinaZuke Wa Owaranai !? ~ / Princess XFD ~ The selection of the bride is not yet completed? ~
Year of release: 2012
Date Release: 2012/03/02-genre: Fantasy, Comedy, Romantic, Monster, Demon
-stand: There are in the game (games) Distribution [Cen] -MostrabRechik / Publisher: Poison @ Berry Platform: PC / Windows [ 123] Type of publication: License
Tabletka: Not required
Language of the game: Japanese [JAP]
Interface Language: English [ENG]
Voice Language: Japanese [JAP] – System Requirements: OS: Windows2000 / WindowsXP / WindowsVista / Windows7, CPU: PentiumIII 450 MHz required or more recommended Memory: 256 MB required, 2.0 GB or more recommended VRAM: 16 MB Required, 256 MB Description: Love and … Uproar and Daughters WH’S Still A Neverending Star! Tribulations unIque to Wacky Ecchi Disrupt The Overwhelming Shock And Sense of Values, And Between Heterogeneous Love Pattern Is Drawn, Became A Topic “Princess X”. Although The Cuteness of the Heroine WHO IS Curious That This Film As Made Many Fans Shocked Too Much Whimsy, Is a Fun, More Satisfying Was Popular Comical and Honestly Enjoyable Story, Often Quirky Situations! Also Many Requests Asked of Imperial Also Can Become Lovech and Robin, A Professional Child and Feeling Good, And Afterter That Episode! Short Stories 12 Book Condensed The Element of “Princess X” Had Been Hoped Also That! If You Have’t Played The First Game Recommend Set of Deals Here!
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