[1.11 GB] X-Change 1 & 2 / School Roman (Crowd, Peach Princess (Macho)) [Uncen] [2001, 2003, VN, Comedy, Straight] [JAP / ENG / RUS]

X-Change 1 & 2 / School Romance Production: I-2001 G. II-2003
Genre: VN, Comedy, Straight
Censorship: Missing
Developer: Crowd
Publisher: Peach Princess (Macho )
Platform: PC / Windows
Type of publication: I-licensed II-pirate
Tabletka: Not required
Language: Japanese (text and sound in this language (original))
Language: I-Russian / II-English (Text)
Interface Language: Russian / English
System Requirements: CPU 300 MHz, Video 32 MB, RAM 128 MBOurography: Main Hero X-Change – Pouch with Alien Russian Woof by Takuya – As a result of a wonderful coincidence, discovered himself in an unusual situation. From a noncainting onanist, he turned into a pretty young lady, behind which herds run as peers, so the school’s teacher. What SulitOur protagonist is a lot of fun adventures on a wide variety of body parts. School novel game:
The main thing in this game is the plot. Good. Funny. Moralizing. Vital.
Nonlinearity of the story. Some ending. Mass of carbon monoxide situations.
Elegant animematic pictures.
Add. information: