[1.12 GB] Tals Trilogy / Kounai Shasei / Oven Stories (U-Jin / Studio Fantasia & Studio Signal) (EP. 1-3 of 3) [PTCEN] [1990-1992, Comedy, School, Slice-Of- Life, Female Students, DVDRip] [JAP / ENG / RUS (INT)]

Obscene history / tals trilogy / kounai shasei

Year of release: 1990 – 1992
Genre: Comedy, School, Slice-of-Life, Female Students
Duration: OAV (3 ep.), 30 min.
Translation: Amateur (single-haired, translation and sounding AnimeGroup)
Subtitles: RU – Soft (Max1n & Wolfram); EN – SOFT VOBSUB
Censorship: In the third series
Director: Ujin
Studio: Studio Fantasia & Studio Signal
Add. Information: Source AnimereActor & MMMXXX
Difference from this distribution in the presence of Russian and English voice acting.
Description: The hentai serials of the period 1990-2000 have long become a reference example of a qualitative erotic anime-work. “Tales Trilogy” not only confirmed this fact, but also convinced me that the Japanese were not alien to the self-irony and the ability tolaugh at yourself. And all this in an absolutely hentai key!
It does not matter to which floor you belong. Imagine how you are going to the company of your loved ones. Take a pre-prepared beer drawer (Martini / Vodka / Cognac – purely to your taste and liver endurance) and the so-called “friendly party” begins. And so, when the floor of the box was dissolved in the blood of your little team, and no one wants to dance, the time of stories begins. And the higher the degrees in the blood of your friends, the frank and the silent will be their content. Let the next morning (if you certainly remember everything that they spent / heard last night) you mercilessly hurts in your head from drunk, the dominant feeling in the soul will be shame. For yesterday you told about ourselves / relatives / colleagues / sThere are such that you can see only in the TV series “Tales Trilogy”.
The structure of their series reminds all the well-known television, humorous magazine “Fitil”. But, in content, it looks more on the history, told by anfisa Czech, in the transfer of “Sex in the Big City”, on the TNT channel. Simply put, before us erotic stories in anime images. In the first two series of their three pieces, in the last bit more. I will not reveal the plot of each of them, because it is also impossible, how to describe a joke, without revealing the humorous raisin. Touching only the technical part of the series.
We will throw the beauty of modern hentai TV series in the style of “Sexfriend” and “Little Monica’s Story”. They are more created on computers and practically reached the plank of perfection. Recall the old DobRui drawn by human handles, the graphics of the TV series “Bubblegum Crisis” and “Dominion Tank Police”. Remembered? Now mentally reduce the number of clothes on the main characters, and you will receive “Tales Trilogy”. Everything is out of quality, erotic and without the slightest hint of vulgarity. Anatomical details will not show you, but after all, the main essence of the series is not in the process itself, but in the surrounding erotic subtext.
Summary: Even if you are the oldest opponent of any sexual manifestations on television, be sure to watch the series alone, with closed curtains and curtains and Closed door. You will definitely like it, and I, honestly, I will not tell anyone about it. ^ _ ^
Review author: Gerasimov “Saotome” Alexey (Description taken from this distribution, did not find another)
Quality: DVDRip
Format: MKV
Video codec: H.264 / AVC
Audio codec: OGG Vorbis
Video: H264, 1500 kbps, 720 x 544 Pixels
Audio: RU – VO, Oggvorbis, Stereo, 48 KHz, 128 kbps; JP & EN – Oggvorbis, Stereo, 48 Khz, 128 Kbps