[1.14 GB] [COMIX] ANIMA, DRUUNA / DRUNE (PAOLO ELEUTERI SERPIERI) [adult, erotic, sci-fi, grafic novel] [jpg] [FRA]

Year of publication: 2016
Author: Paolo Eleouuteri Serpieri
Publisher: Glénat, Lo SCARABEO
Genre or Topic: Adult, Erotic, Sci-Fi, Grafic Novel
Distribution type: COMIX
Language: French
Format: * .jpg
Page Resolution: 2252×3056
Number of pages: ~ 560
– “… The spacecraft begins a strange epidemic, which turns people into monstrous monsters. With the emergence of the epidemic, the girl of the friend is in search of the cause of the epidemic, the doctor of the expedition using special equipment sends a friend to her subconscious world, where, as he suspects, stored memories of the reasons epidemics. For a friend, this journey turns into a real nightmare, saturated with hard sex, collideWith monsters and search for ways to save her eternal beloved Shastar, who has caused this horror … “- Transfer in French of the famous erotic graphics novel Paolo Eleouuteri Serpieri about the adventures of friends. Each edition contains two previously released chapters, a small number of beautiful sketches And art.
Thirteen years after the publication of the last album, Serpieri releases a new book called “Anima”, the feature of which has become a story without words.