[1.27 GB] Mahou Shoujo Kureha Tsuisuto / Wizard Girls Kureha Twist (Masurao) [Cen] [2011, Simulator, Animation, Adventure, Magical Girl, Tentacles, Monsters, Demons, Rape, Juice, DP, DFC, Oral, TitsJob] [ENG]

Mahou Shoujo Kureha Tsuisuto / 魔法 少女 クレハ クレハ ツイスト ​​/ Wizard Girls Kureha Twist
Year of release: 2011
Release Date: 2011/10/27
Genre: Simulator, Animation, Adventure, Magical Girl, Tentacles, Monsters , Demons, Rape, Juice, DP, DFC, Oral, Titsjob
Censorship: There are in the game (Games) Distribution
Developer / Publisher: Masurao
Platform: PC / Windows
Publication Type: License [ 123] Tabletka: Not required
Language of the game: English
Interface language: Japanese
Language of voice acting: English
System Requirements: CPU Pentium4, RAM 512MB, HDD 1.27GB
Description: Kureha, Mercenary Defender of Justice, Slayer of the Master of Darkness, Forever Fighting for Goodness …
Evil Sorceress Asura Seeks The Ring Of Elf Hunter Miki, An Artifact to Harness Magic by Science, and Only One Girl Stands inThe Way …
An Object Bonded in Blood … When Witnessed, It Will Complete Kureha … Her Perfection … Or Destruction !!
* Action, Epic Story, A Full Movie Animation Novel Of Tentacle Molestation !!
* Tentacles and Heroines Tangle Sensually, with Countless Orgasms, Countless Ejaculations !!
* An Interactive Groping Magical Girl SIM Game From Creator Masurao !!
* Full Animation Game With Voice, Effects and Touch Features!
Magical Girl Kureha, Trapped Hunter Miki, Sorceress Asura, Each In Tantalizing Sexual Scenes!
Fat C * CKS, Multiple Penetration, Full Body Stroking, Egg Spawn, Nipples, Milking, Lesbian Mode and More!
1.27 GB of Incredible Content!
CAN You Hear IT? The Instrument of Guardians … The Twist …
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