[1.42 GB] SACRED-PLUME / Holy Feather (Teatime Side B) [Cen] [2003, 3D, JRPG, STRATEGY] [JAP]

SACRED-PLUME / Holy Feather
Year of production: 2003
Genre: 3D, JRPG, Strategy
Censorship: There is a game
Developer: Teatime Side B
Platform: PC / Windows [ 123] Publication Type: Original
Tabletka: Not required
Language: Japanese
Type of translation: text and sound in this language (original)
Interface language: Japanese
System Requirements: P 2 and Above RAM 128/256 Video 128 HDD 2GB
Description: The Kane’s Hero returned to his hometown after the long two years of wandering. I met new friends and got into the cycle of events. Overall served a meeting with Rita. The abductions of the girl, infected fields near the capital. For all this there was an ominous shadow of the metro city and the wellness of the King of Song. Do you come into confgnostan with this organization for the benefit of the world, or completely different motives?
300 years of sacred wars behind and this world again wanted to experience pain …
Extras. Information: 100% Config (opens everything in this game) – there is in hand. But before you install it, install the patch (also attached to the distribution) The game was published on 3 CDs – Be sure to leave the file image of the third CD – active – you need to start the game.
After installing 100% Configa – Embedded mini games and all characters will appear. Women’s semi that was involved in the main character (see Screen No. 3)
Here the description and screenshots from the game http://www.getchu.com/soft.phtml?id=25966