[1.43 GB] Magical Twilight / Magic Twilight (Toshiaki Komura, Pink Pineapple) (EP. 1-3 of 3) [UNCEN] [1994, Comedy, Fantasy, Mystic, Romance, Magical Girl, Softcore, Straight, Oral Sex, Harem , HotSpring, DVDRip] [JAP / RUS / ENG] [Upscale – 720p]

Magical Twilight / Maji Karu / Majikaru, The Hex Files
マジカルト ワイライト
Magic Release Superkival: 1994
Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Mystic, Romance, Magical Girl, Softcore, Straight, Oral Sex, Harem, HotSpring
Series: EP. 1-3 of 3
Duration: 3 ~ 28 min
censorship: missing
Language: Japanese
Voice: Original
Language: Russian
Voice: Amateur (two-haired) [Zero & YUKA-CHAN]
Voice: Amateur (One Voice) [AnimeGroup]
Subtitles: External SRT
Language: English
Subtitles: External SRT
Director: Toshiaki Komura
Original author: YUUKI
Studio: Pink Pineapple
Description: Tsukas Taciban (Tsukasa Tachibana) successfully prepared for the delivery of final exams and everything goes wonderfully until the tries appear in his lifeAnd the witheres. It turns out that the witches also have a graduation exam, and so it turned out that Tsukas became one of the objects of their test. The first witch Chipple (Chipple) received a task to fall in love with Tsukas and it would seem a simple task putting it in a dead end. The second Witch Irene (Irene) received a task to sleep with Tsukasoy and for her I did not appear for it, because it knows how to seduce men and, more importantly, it just adores sex. The third witch Liv (LIV) from the Black Magic Academy receives the task of Tsukas … kill. Here is such a crazy competition between three witches, in which Tsukas – Prize!
Video Quality: DVDRip
Video Resolution: 720p
Change in Video Resolution: Resolution Increased (Upscale)
Video Format: MP4 [ 123] Video: MPEG4 Video (H264) 960×720 29.97fps ~ 1500kbpS
Audio 1: Jap – AAC 48000Hz STEREO 160 KBPS
Audio 2: RUS – AAC 48000HZ STEREO 160 KBPS (external file) [Zero & Yuka-Chan]
Audio 3: RUS – AAC 48000HZ STEREO 160 KBPS (external file) [AnimeGroup]
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