[1.57 GB] Anea Haramix / Sharpe Jirou, Yoneta, Fuse Yasuyuki, Higuchi Yoshitaka, Anime Antenna Iinkai, Lilith, PIXY) (Ep. 1-4 of 4) [Cen] [2006, Comedy, Fantasy , INCEST, ANAL, PREGNANT, YURI, DVDRIP] [JAP / ENG / RUS] [540p]

Anea Haramix / 姉 ☆ ☆ 孕みっくす / Stick sister Belco
Year of production: 2006
Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Demon, Shinigami, Incest, Brother-Sister Incest, Anal, BDSM, Bondage, Whip, Double Penetration, Lactation, Pregnant, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Rape, Strapon, Yuri, Urination, Female Student, Virginity
: EP. 1-4 of 4
Duration: 00:23:20, 00:24:28: 00:23:11 00:28:02
Censorship: There are in all files
Language: Japanese, voice acting : Original
Language: English, Subtitles: External ASS / SSA
Language: Russian, Voice: Amateur (single-haired), Subtitles: External ASS / SSA
Director: Fujimoto Jirou (1,4), YONETA ( 2.4), Fuse Yasuyuki (3.4), Higuchi Yoshitaka (4)
Original author: Lilith
Studio: Anime Antenna Iinkai, PIXY
Description: Having survived the death of your parents,The main character of Akitoshi remained to live with a beautiful older sister, hit, one hiding his lust to her from her. Once, a mysterious girl enters his room. Her name is mine. She is death. She explains him that she came to him to pick up his soul, because he achieved the limit of his life. Hearing his cry, hitting him to him. After she finds out the situation, she asks, mini save him. Mina touched her determination, and shows them a way to extend the duration of his life. If Akitoshi fertilizes the hittered during the week, she will give him another 10-year-old life. I hear her condition, he turns face to hit …
add. Information: Through episodes 3-4 were cut out the thumbs of the past series and moved to the special folder, if you wish, you canGlue for 5 seconds.
Video quality: DVDRip
Video EP. 1-2: MKV, 720×536, x264, 4: 3, 23.976fps, ~ 100 kbps, 10bit
video EP. 3-4: MKV, 960×540, x264, 16: 9, 23.976fps, ~ 100 kbps, 10bit
Audio 1: AAC, Japan, 48.0 KHz, ~ 192 kbps, vbr q0.50, 2 chanels
audio 2: AAC, Russian, 48.0 KHz, ~ 00 Kbps, 2 Chanels