[1.97 GB] [COMIX] A large collection of comics Grin and Bare IT!, Rooie Oortjes and the like. [ENG, RUS, GER]

Dimensions: 1191 at 1684 and 1041 at 1473.
Quantity: A lot. 57 collections.
Familiar and cute comics, but in such an capacity and in such quantities did not have met. This is not an absolutely complete collection, but it seeks to this proud status.
Pak “Grin and Bare IT!” Contains chosen soyanka and, accordingly, duplicate. It can be downloaded for familiarization.
4 Pack “(C R) Adult Cartoon Anthology” – Translated into Russian. They are also chosen posters.
The rest – in German. This prevents only occasionally, everything, in general, is understandable and, in any case, beautifully.

Paks are opened with a special program (setp attached). If someone for some reason does not want to use it, they open with a simple rare. Although I liked it. Convenient, allows you to configure the display and soA friend. Even their own archives redid under such a format.