[10.55 GB] Paraloogue (Fallen Doll Operation Lovecraft) [v0.33] [INPROGRESS, 0.33] [UNCEN] [2019, Adv, Animation, VR, 3D, SCI-Fi, Voiced, Vaginal , Anal] [ENG, RUS]

Paralogue (VR Version) / Parallow (VR Version)
Year of release: 2019
Release Date: 2021/01/04
Genre: Adv, Animation, VR, 3D, SCI-FI, VOICED, VAGINAL, ANAL
censorship: missing / there is a patch for deletion
Developer / Publisher: Project Helius
Platform: PC / Windows
Type of publication: in development [ 123] Tabletka: Not required
Version: 0.33
Language of the game (Plot): English
Interface Language: English, Russian
Voice Language: Unknown / Other
System Requirements (Minimum): Windows 7/8/10 64bit
VR Only
Description: The Paraloogue Is a Series of Transitory Game Builds Serving As a Full Scale Upgrade of Fallen Doll and a Concept Prototype of Fallen Doll’s Sequel. AS A FRONTIER RESEARCh and military base revolving Yuggoth, the newly discovered Kuiper belt dwarf planet unbeknownst to human race until late 21st century, Archimedes orbital station harbors a pair of sentient military AI mainframes which can project their sentience unto any synthetic body with a positronic brain: Erika ( Electronic Recon-Infiltration Combat Agent) And Alet (Assault-Type Lite)