[106.7 MB] [COMIX, MISC] Bloodysugar (BloodySugar.com) [Hardcore, Gothic, Adventure] [jpg] [ENG, RUS]

Publisher Website: Bloodysugar.com
Distribution type: COMIX, MISC
Genre: Hardcore / Gothic / Adventure
Language: English, Russian
Page Resolution:
Releases with 01 07 – 673×1000
Releases from 08 to 17 – 673×1000
Bonus comic, released during the release between releases 07 and 08 – 673×1000, 743×1000
Issue 18 – 1152×850, 1266×934, 1355×1000
Number of Pages ENG : 238
Number of pages Rus: 91
Format: JPG
Description: Bloody Sugar IS An Online Comic With a Dark Theme in the Style of Van Helsing. The Setting IS Eastern Europe AT End of the 19th Century, Near The Turn of the 20th Century! WE START OUR STORY IN THE YEAR 1899. OUR HEROINE IS BETTE (Elisabette Barkley), Who is Tracking Down Our Villain, Bloody Sugar, The Mysterious Villain WHO IS BelievedTo Possess Magical Abilities or Possibly Practicing Witchcraft. This Isn’t Another Typical Buffy The Vampire Slayer Story. Get Ready for An Interesting Adventure.
Story and Color By: Serena
Art By: Federico