[111.1 MB] [COMIX] The Cummoner / Magician (Totem Pole, www.totempole666.com) [Fantasy, Anal, Oral, Tentacles, Lesbians] [jpg] [rus]

The Cummoner / Magician
Author: Totem Pole
Publisher Website: www.totempole666.com
Distribution type: COMIX
Genre: Fantasy, Anal, Oral, Tentacles, Lesbians
Language: Russian [ 123] Page Resolution: 700×990
Number of Pages: 139
Format: JPG
Description: The Wilga starting witch is trying to find his missing teacher. At the same time, she will know the world of magic and the world of ordinary people, the nature of their magical strength, makes new friends and acquaintances.
Extras. Information: Continuation of comic translation. Chapters 1-8 can be found in another distribution.