[12.96 GB] [COMIX] MEGA PSCK Comics / Mega Pak Comics (COMIXNARUSS.COM) [UNCEN] [2010, Color, BW] [RUS]

Mega Pak Comics (RUS / Color / BW) [2010] Distribution type: COMIX
Format: jpg
Language: Russian
Resolution: Miscellaneous
File size: ~ 13 GB
Artist: Different
Farmistroup: (comixnaruss.com)
Number of comics: 1285
Number of figures: 42 041
Pattern resolution: from (263×557) to (3566×2474)
Extras. Information: Distribution in archives. – What to watch images in Zip | RAR-archives, without unpacking them:
I recommend Faststone MaxView, awesomely comfortable thing.
You can find it on Rutracer, or download a ready-made assembly with FO
http://sendfile.su/466184[1123] The assembly is created on the basis of portatives and when installing makes the association to files like CBR and CBZ. Further renink all files in CBZ or CBR and enjoy viewing.

describe each comic (1285 pieces),For example, it is problematic who knows about this wonderful site can go and read.
Multiple examples: