[134.5 MB] [COMIX] babes 1-3. The Mini Girls 1-3. (By Seron) (Translation from Drew Bras) [RUS, JPG]

Baby. The Mini Girls.

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Language: Russian
Author: Seron
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Baby 1. Sacred Hrenovina. The Mini Girls 1. The Holy Thingy
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Number of pages: 48
Released: 1999
on deserted The shore of the tropical island, after a terrible storm throws a person. But the shore and the island are not so deserted as they seem. Here dwells the dying tribe of kids, such, such as, minimals. And only this person has what the tribe is needed to finally disappear from the face of the earth. Here it is appropriate to mention that a man escaped is a man and he has one such MaleNick (really small) a thing around which and serious passions will be spoiled. And small size, it turns out to be the value.