[144.1 MB] Onee-San Ni Makasenasai! ~ RYOUBOO TO JOUSHI NO YAWARAKA OPPAI NI HASAMARETE ~ / ENTRUST AN OLDER SISTER! IS Put to the Soft Breast of … Housemother and the Boss, and … The Motion Anime (Ammoraito / Ammolite, Survive) (Ep. 1 of 1) [Cen] [2018, Big Breast, Oral, Anal, Toys , PAIZURI, HANDJOB, FOOTJOB, GROUP, CREAMPIE, PREGNANANT WEB-DL] [JAP] [576p]

Entrust An Older Sister! Is Put to the Soft Breast of … Housemother and the Boss, and … The Motion Anime
おねえ さん に 任せ 任せ なさいっ! ~ 寮母 と 司 司 の 柔ら か おっぱい 挟ま れ て ~ The Motion Anime
Year Release: 2018
Genre: Big Breast, Oral, Anal, Toys, Paizuri, Handjob, Footjob, Group, Creampie, Pregnant
Series: EP. 1 of 1
Duration: 38mn
Censorship: There is in all files
Voice: Japanese Original
Subtitles: Japanese built-in unclusive (Hardsab)
Studio: Ammoraito / Ammolite / アンモライト, Survive [123 ] Description: A PC Game “Entrust An Older Sister! IS Put to the Soft Breast of … Housemother and the Boss, and … Is Early; Motion Anime! Character Designer” Ichikawanoa “X SCENARIO Writer” Kuga Rattle / Flat EY.ES Flatfish! “Fascinating` Older Sister Two ‘Which Draws No! A Main Character of the New Working Adult IS Encounter Ttaha …… a Housemother of the Boss’s Wife Skin to Be Able to Rely On and The Woman Boss Gentle Pleasantly! For Wonderful ` Older Sister Two ‘Toetchina Relations That I Want to Depend On Unintentionally! The Choice of the Slapstick Romantic Comedy Day That Ammoraito Provides! BE NOT DONE CAJOLERY BY ALL POSSILE MEANS BY OLDER SISTER TWO’?
◇ Outline
The Company DORMITORY WHERE `INU WELL SHOGO ‘OF THE NEW WORKING ADULT LIVES IN. THERE ARE TWO Very Wonderful Older Sisters There. The Boss’s Wife Skin Which` Kaho Tadano’ Of the Housemother Is Openhearted and Is Reliable. The Boss Who` Wave Reina ‘Congratulating It To Live in the Neighboring Room Is Kind, And Is Tolerant BloND Hair Bijin. THE NEW LIFE TO NEED TWO WAS ENRICHED FOR `SHOGO ‘! …… However, The Nichijou for` Shogo ‘Turns Big In Sara. With Nananana Nan! On One Day in Next Day of `Kaho ‘and The So` Reina’ and – – -. Have Physical Relations by An Unexpected Coincidence! WHILE “THERE ARE A, What’s Called Me …… to make passes at the other woman ……” “Totally Say Koto Like Her. Though Be The Relations That You and He Only Say A Manager and a Resident” As for if “I Say IT REINA! THOUGH A SUBORDINATE ONLY SAYS THE BOSS, DO NOT ACT LIKE HER! ” IT LOOKS LIKE TWO PEOPLE DO NOT MEAN TO END RELATIONS WITH `SHOGO ‘ONLY ONCE SOMEHOW OR OTHER? The Relations That Are Slightly Bitter, And Are Sweet of Wonderful `Older Sister ‘and` Shogo’ of Two People, Begin in this Way!
◇ Heroine 1
Name: Kaho Tadano (Tannokaho) A VOICE Actor: BE AOI PAULOWNIAS, OR COME (ChinaSe Parasol Kako) Size: Compact Big Tits Setting: The Housemother of the Company Dormitory. Have a Character Not to Be Able to Neglect The Person Who is in Trouble. Take Care in `SHOGO ‘THAT THE POINT IS SLIGHTLY BAD OF THE NEW WORKING ADULT ALL THE TIME. Have a Lively Character, and The Trust from the Resident of the Dormitory Is Warm, Too. Be Good At Overall Houswork, And Play One Way of Do-It-Yourself AS a Manager. The Koto Which Moves a Body Than I Think Deeply Is Proud. Like The Exercise, Tooo, And The HoBby Runs.
◇ Heroine 2
Name: Wave Reina (Reina Haga) to Congratulate A Voice Actor: AMEMORI RIKO (AMATEUR HARPOON RIKO) Size: Big Tits of The Chottodarashina Body Setting : The Boss of `Shogo ‘. Blood of the Non-Japanese Is Mixed and BeBlond. The Amiability IS Outstanding With Unfussy Character, Tooo. Naturally The Work Is Possible, Tooo. The Atmosphere Is Loose, But Work IS Straight Often Do With 24/7 Store Lunches, A Lifestyle Leaves To A Body Of The So.
◇ Main Character
Name: Inu Well Shogo (SHOGO INUI) Setting: a Slightly Careless Thing. That That Felow Is Not A Bad Guy; Gen of the Friend.
The Subsequent Type That I Regret That I Have Done It.
◆ Character Designer: Ichikawanoa (Ichikawa Noah)
◆ Story: Kuga Rattle (Kuga Rattle)
Flat Eyes Flatfish (Flatfish Flatfish)
◆ A Voice Actor: BE KAHO TADANO / CV. Aoi Paulownias, Or Come (Chinese Parasol Kako)
Extras. Information: Neoriginal video with defects. Game here.
QualityVideo: Web-DL
Video Resolution: 576p
Video Format: MP4
Video: 1024-576, 16-9, 29.97 FPS, AVC, 499 Kbps
Audio: JPN, AAC, Stereo, 44.1 / 22.05 KHz, 30.1 Kbps