[145.9 MB] (Suzumiya Haruhi No Yuuutsu) Kyon’s Counterattack! / Revenge Ken (Imokenbi) [Cen] [2009, 3DCG, Animation, Burum] [jap]

Kyon’s Counterattack! / Revenge Ken-Year of production: 2009
Genre: 3DCG, Animation, Burum
censorship: yes in the game (games) Distribution-developer: Imokenbi
Platform: PC / Windows
Type of publication: Original (licensed)
Tabletka: not required – Language: Japanese
Type of translation: text and sound in this language (original)
Interface Language: English
System Requirements: HDD: 150MB, OTHER:. NET Framework 2.0-Description: Once in the student winter time … Ken’s caught (he is of course Kion) Haruhi in the gym. The gym is certainly empty, in general it was dark, Haruhi is … Well … Self-satisfied by friction about the log (sports). Ken had a bit (he didn’t beat anyone to her, but used to use). In general, after repainting the ribbon of Haruhi in a green color (so that no one guessed,What is Haruhi) there were videos of terrible toeless torture poor girls.
Original title: Kyon’s Counterattack!
Extras. Information: Dlsite Maniax-