[16.78 GB] Virtuagirl / Virtual Girls [] (Totem Entertain Inc.) [UNCEN] [NO VIRUS] [2010, Screensaver, Striptease] [ENG]

Virtua Girl
Year / Release date: 06/24/2010
Developer: Totem Entertain Inc.
Genre: Screensaver, Striptease
Censorship: None
Tabletka: Not required.
System: XP and higher
Bigness: 32bit + 64bit
Interface Language: English
Description: Virtuagirl is a free program that sends strippers directly to your desktop. [123 ] It does not contain any viruses, no spy software, nor unauthorized advertising on your computer, does not contain anything you would not want to have on your computer.
Without virus: Unlike other distributions, this is not recognized as Troyan (only On Deskbabes.exe, Nec. Antiviruses are swearing, but they also call the Troyan zoom, so it is not happily). Therefore, its useIt is possible without exceptions and with an antivirus included.
The version reads videos to A754, C and D almost reads.
P.S. I have a distribution on weekends.