[160.5 MB] [MICS] Mamabliss Artwork (Furry / TRANS / Drawing) [jpg]

Mamabliss – Bio – Mamabliss – artist Furri Fetish-erotic, lives in Vermont. Allegedly American, it supports several websites with its own art (some plaguards from them) .– For example -: – Crashdoll.net -> Futa / Hentai / Dickgirls … // In this distribution
BigGerbiggerbigger.com- -> BE, BREAST ENLARGMENT // in this hand
juiceandspunk.com -> More Furry Rp Porn Activity // Saytrip
GoneallWild.com -> Rampant Transfomation // In this distribution, Mamabliss creates mainly comics and history (although the creation of single illustrations is not unknown); Their themes can sit down from converting and unbirthing to vore and distortion. She also created a flash animation, which once was popular on FChan`e (Furr Portal). The flash drive was the emulation of webcams on one of hersites. Later, Furri-Kam project was abandoned, possibly due to the author of the author. (The project was interesting)

Language: English-format: JPEG-subject: Erotic / Furry / Other ..- Number of drawings: 1469-summary: 3 Site Ripa from Mamabliss. Enjoy ~. ~ Very interesting and peculiar art. The artist is clearly very eccentric lady