[161.7 MB] [Misc] (Furry) Dr. COMET’S KEMONO ISLANDS CD 1-3 (1418 Fig) [jpg]

Part 1 Sign: Japanese
Format: JPEG
Topic (Genre): Erotic / Furry Art
Quantity: 1418 Rice
Summary: Collectons of professional work of the Japanese artist under the pseudonym Dr.comet on Furry Art. In addition to the drawings themselves in color and black and white format, you can see sketches, sketches, etc. on each compilation. The size of the pictures is up to 1600 * 1200 so that there is something to put the topic on the desktop
, many of the works are fitted with whole stories if you know Japanese – it’s interesting to read
In this hand, the collections 1-3 (1999-2002) [ 123] All collections in the option without censorship.
At the distribution I will be in the evenings in Moscow on weekdays, on weekends – during the day.