[161.8 MB] Aleksa Slusarchi (Aka Alexa, Jessica, Valeria A, Safo, Jasna) Cycled Sex Animation [UNCEN] [2021, Animation, All Sex, HTML, MP4, GIF] [ENG]

Aleksa Slusarchi (Aka Alexa, Jessica, Valeria A, Safo, Jasna) Cycled Sex Animation
Cycled short video phrases Olyusarchi Aleksarchi
Year: 2021
Genre: Animation, All Sex, HTML, MP4, GIF
Censorship: None
Developer / Publisher: Lenileni2
Platform: PC
Publication Type: In Development
Interface Language: English
System Requirements (Minimum): OS Windows, HDD 200MB
Description : There are short looped rollers from 0.5 to 30 seconds.
134 MP4 roller, plus 6 gifs.
To simplify moving and playback, and in order not to configure the video player, I made small HTML pages where you can directly to watch the videos, even at the same time.
You can also deploy them on the full screen.
Each picture in the frame leads to a separate pageAnd there are also bonuses – the names of the rollers in the frame
On HTML pages with mass viewing size reduced to 500×300.
If the video is not trimmed in size, it is stored as 1280×720 1600-2000 Kbps C, Video AVC codec, audio codec – AAC.
Some rollers are cut into size to about 600×600, some are scaled 2 times less than 640×360.
I was attended for a long time that, instead of keeping gigabytes of unnecessary ,
It is better to cut and loosen the best fragments of a good girl that I did in this hand.
Yellow frames at very short videos, 1-2 tact.
The blue frames mean that the end with the beginning is not particularly They are allowed.
Red frames in intense emotional (in my opinion) fragments.
From 12 initial long videos were processed 4,So the replenishment of distribution is expected.
Site Aleksa: www.aleksaslusarchi.com