[163.9 MB] [COMIX] [Comics] Velamma / Vilam Lakshmi (Valinur Ilsh, Dedka, https://www.velamma.com) [Mature, Wife, All Sex, Indian Sex] [jpg] [rus]

[Comics] Velamma / Vilam Lakshmi
Author: Valinur Ilsh
Translator: Dedka
Publisher Website: https://www.velamma.com
Distribution type: Comix
Genre: Mature, Wife , ALL SEX, INDIAN SEX
Language: Russian
Page Resolution: 900×999, 900×1200
Number of pages: 1932
Format: JPG
Description: Lakshmi Vilama is naive and pure soul Young Indian Woman. Nature generously gave it, like other women’s south of India, sexual appearance and infinite kindness (just chaos, which kindness). Simple Vilama is always ready for all its breasts (and the rest of the body) unselfishly serve people, which is sometimes far (deep) going (penetrating) consequences.
Extras. Information: Currently 80 issues came out. In Russian – 77