[166.8 MB] Real Kanojo / Real Girl [Benchmark + Xmas] (CHS Games, Illusion) [2009, 3D, SLG, ECHII, DEMO] [RUS]

-Real Kanojo / Real Girl Full Version Comes: 02/19/2010
Genre: 3D, Date-SIM, ECHII
Developer: Illusion
Publisher: Chs Games
Platform: PC
System Requirements :
Windows 2K / 2K3 / XP (32/64) Stable work on Vista and Win7 is not guaranteed
[CPU AMD ~ 2.5GHz] [1GB RAM] [256MB VRAM] [443MB on HDD]
Localization :
Official from CHS Games in Russian.
The system performance test for a new game from Illusion, while there is still no accurate information about what kind of game will be, but immediately noticeably as system requirements have increased. In this techno version, some of the key innovations, which will only be in the full version of the game, but one current support many nuclear processors is very happy and 3D support will delightMany poklonikov. The owners of netbooks and laptops may be upset because the game is demanding on the graphic adapter. But if you turn off most of all effects, the game at least looking is scary, but it will have to run even on non-powerful computers.
Extras. Information:
When installing the game, carefully read the additional information. 03.12.09 Added official New Year’s bonus