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Works of the artist Steve Hanks
Censorship: None
Genre: Erotica
Page Resolution: from 750 * 750 to 2500 * 2500
Number of pages: 57
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Steve Hanks – one Of the most famous artists of modern, working in the watercolor technique. This American artist
for many years experimented with different techniques: wrote with oil and watercolor paints, painted in a pencil,
worked with acrylic paints. Gradually, he was granted his own style, which the artist himself calls
“emotional realism.” Most often, Hanks writes people, and these are not just portraits, but complex compositions are difficult,
in which the details play a big role. Most critics recognize Steve Hanks one of the best modern watercolorists.
Indeed, manyThe artist’s works are so “live” that more resemble photos than drawings.