[192.3 MB] Body Jack: Tanoshii Yutai Ridatsu / Body Case: Fun Separation (To Moriyama, Yamamoto Naoki) (Ep. 1 of 1) [Softcore] [1987, Comedy, Yuri, Body Switch, Vhsrip] [JAP / ENG / RUS]

Body Jack: Tanoshii Yutai Ridatsu
Body Case: Funny Separation
Year of production: 1987
Genre: Comedy, Yuri, Body Switch
Series: EP. 1 of 1
Duration: 00:32:52
Censorship: Erotic, censored only for humor
Language: Japanese
Voice: Original
Language: English
Subtitles: External ASS / SSA
Language: Russian
Subtitles: External ASS / SSA
Original author: to Moriyama, Yamamoto Naoki
Description: Asaga, the main character of this ov, having received the device that allows him to leave his body and take possession Any other (which is also approximately about $ 50), comes as any guy did in its place. He masters the body of a mosquito, the most popular girl in school, in order to know all women’s joy: change clothes with other girlsAnd in the dressing room and prying for them immediately, caress myself, to drain your girlfriend, Naughty, in the bed for Yuri Entertainment and other innocent pranks. That’s just this fans of women’s entertainment, being in the body of the girl, did not know that her consolidated brother would lead to her a couple of his friends to spend the evening together. And in such a hopeless situation, Asagai had to also know the joy of heterosexual sex, but with the opposite side.