[195.9 MB] Ohtagaki Yasuo – Moonlight Mile [Vol.1-3] [2000] [CEN] [SCI-Fi, Softcore, Straight] [RUS]

Ohtagaki Yasuo / Moonlight Mile / ムーン ライト マイル
Censorship: Yes
Genre: SCI-Fi, Softcore, Straight
Translation: Jiyuu Manga
Language: Russian
Format: PNG, JPG [123 ] Description: Two Alpinist Friend, Lostman and Goro, after conquering the last of the highest peaks of the world, decide to go to space. In the yard, the second decade of the 21st century, the energy crisis pushes the government to the superpower to the deployment of major space programs, which gives Lostman and the chance of their dream. Their goal is the moon, and who will get there first, and how will it turn out, you will find out by reading this manga.