[2.07 GB] Molester In Train of Her Sister / Oneesan Nakadashi Chikan RESSHA The Anime / MBS Truth, Teck) [Cen] [2007, Adventure, Animation, Big Breast, Chikan, Vn] [jap]

Molester In Train of Her Sister / Onesan Nakadashi Chikan Ressha The Anime / Armaged Version – Year of production: 2007 Genre: Adventure, Animation, Big Breast, Chikan, VN-censorship: yes in the game -Beverver: MBS Truth
Publisher: Teck-Platform: PC / Windows
Type of publication: Original (licensed)
Tabletka: Not required – Language: Japanese
Translation type: Text and Sound Original [123 ] Interface language: Japanese system requirements:
CPU: PentiumIIII 800MHz / Pentium4 1.4GHz
OS: Win98 / ME / 2000 / XP
RAM: 128MB / 256MB
Resolution: 800 * 600 [123 ] DirectX: 8.1-Description: -Chele of this story only started his learning in the college. Every day he gets to study by train. Once along the way home, he decides to think with one of the passengers. However, E.Oh caught a train servant. But just not to punish him, but by turnover. The guy shared in a bad “technique” and promised to teach. Now he is under the guardianship of his “Criticism”. And begins its new training …
(description from the release from torrents) -dop. Information: Install and play through AppLocale.-This release is an animation version of the game released back in 2004 GETCHU, the scene animated is not all but that way they are animated, see the examples of animation, they are taken with Getchu.
Release covers are just taken Since 2004, I did not like the cover of 2007). – Switching from the window to the full screen is carried out by pressing Alt + Enter-
Here you click on the yellow button, but if you do not want to go further, then read the FAQ on Japanese games – or see Have you launched a game of CherYez AppLocale. “A little walk to play: so that the girl to undress to pay attention to her face while sticking and watching on the scale, you need to choose the options that will take it least. As well as as usual. – Information on Japanese 1: Getchu (version with animation)
Information on Japanese 2: Getchu (version without animation)
Information in English: ErogeShop
off. Pages: Onesan Nakadashi Chikan Ressha (version 2004)
Off. Developer site: MBS Truth screenshots: –