[2.16 GB] [COMIX, MISC] Collection “Soft Vore” / “Soft Vore” Collection (Kaminitro, Luiser, Mumbless) [Uncen] [Soft Vore, Gigantess, Unbirth, Vagina Vore] [jpg, png] [eng, jap ]

Collection “Soft Vore” / “Soft Vore” Collection
Author: Kaminitro, Luiser, Mumbless
Distribution type: MISC, COMIX
Censorship: None
Genre: Soft Vore, Gigantess, Unbirth, Vagina Vore , Dragons
Language: English
Language: Japanese
Page Resolution: 800-600
Number of pages: 1067
Format: JPG, PNG
!! Warning !!
This The assembly contains the scene of the Vorarephilia – that is, the eating of someone or something.
Persons not balanced premises not recommended
Description: I exhibit quite pleasant to your court (especially on an empty stomach) Pak with comics art And 3D, on the topic, this is a Soft Vore.
The collection of this is good and is distinguished by the fact that it is not (honestly there is no!) Scenic scenes to human. Food dongy (mostly aunt) swallowed by someone (thenWell mostly aunts) without penetration, crushing, pumping, chewing, guts, brains and other abominations.
“There are no tastes!” – Therefore, negative kaments are not welcome. And the saliva splashes the identity is not worth it.
And if you, precious diamonds of my heart, this will have to taste =) Write me about it, and I will update the distribution as your modest possibilities.