[2.32 GB] Cosplay Roshutsu Kenkyuukai / Depraved Cosplay (Kurotsuguchi Narue / White Bear) (EP. 1-2 of 2) [CEN] [2011, Cosplay, Erotic, Large Breasts, 2xDVD5] [JAP]

コスプレ 露出 研究会 | Cosplay Roshutsu Kenkyuukai | Depraved cosplay-
Year of release: 2011
Country: Japan-Genre: Cosplay, Erotic, Large Breasts
Duration:> 2 ep. For 20 minutes. – Subtitles: Above director: Kurotsuguchi Narue
Studio: White Bear Description:
Aya, A Waitress at a Cosplay Cafe, Receives An E-Mail Asking Her To Go to An Anime Convention, For Which She’ll Be PAID AS MUCH AS SHE Wants, But With One Condition: To Obey All the Males’ Orders. She Ends Up Going Out Of Curiosity, But The Normal Perversity Among The Otaku and Her Own Dirty Thoughts Turn The Photo Session Into An Exhibitionism Session.-Information Links: Anidb || MAL || World Art || HentaiMag-source: DVD-5
Video: MPEG2 | NTSC | 16×9 | 720×480 | 8000 Kbps
Audio Jap: AC-3 | 48000hz | 192 kbps | 2.C.