[2.48 GB] Moonlight Lady / Kao No Nai Tsuki / Kaotsuki, No Surface Moon / Moon Lady (Toshiharu Sato / Pink Pineapple / Orbit Co., Ltd./imagin/media Blasters / Kitty Media) (EP. 1-5 of 5 ) [UNCEN] [2001-2004, Mystic, Drama, Romance, DVDRip] [JAP / ENG / RUS] [960p]

Moonlight Lady | KAO NO NAI TSUKI | Kaotsuki, No Surface Moon | Moon Lady-Year of production: 2001
Genre: Mystic, Drama, Romance
series: EP. 1-5
Translation: Russian (amateur single-haired), English (dubble), built-in disabled English subtitles, built-in disabled Russian subtitles
Russian subtitles: built-in disabled – Author of the translation: Mik
Duration: OVA, 5 28-30 minutes
Censorship: None-Director: Toshiharu Sato
Studio: Pink Pineapple / Orbit Co., Ltd. / Imagin / Media Blasters / Kitty Media Description: Based on a H Game by Orbit. Suzuna IS Training Hard To Become A Priestess, And Brought to the Home of Her Future Husband by Tomome, His Faithful Servan. She Finds The Mansion Under A Strange Spell, Releases The Sexual Desires of EVeryone Inside! – Sudzuna Kuraki is preparing to become a clergyman. She is delivered to the house of the future husband of his devotee Tomomoy. After some time, Suzuzun begins to understand that the mansion is under a strange speech, carrying out any sexual desires of those inside. The servants are the first to be mystical charms, and Tomomy comes to Suzuna in her first night in this mysterious house. The groom is also not protected from spelling and, it seems, it does not intend to expect the first marriage night at all … (World-Art) -long lady – how simple and how the name mysteriously looks like, isn’t it?
Yes, some dream of becoming clergy … Suzuna Kuraki – a sweet, beautiful girl did not exception … But, now about the main thing.
The plot begins to delay from the first minutes of viewing and until the very endI do not leave for a second. New heroes, new turns of the plot – you look like a child on a new toy. And if you still remember that we are watching hentai – definitely for the plot of 10/10.
fixes the plot of beautiful, mysterious music. Oh, the music, it covers everything – 10/10
Heroes of the Heroes of the secret … what the heroes are the whole house! Not noticeable from the inside and outside, the house seems to be a mystical necrople to accomplish the desire of any crushing sinner’s threshold. All this creates an unobtible atmosphere – 10/10
Making conclusions, you can unambiguously say – the lunar lady – if not the best, then one of the best “prolonged henthas” in its genre. The classic that can be based on when creating new magnificent masterpieces. (Author: MEDIUM – World-Art) – Dop. Information: Official Page / Anidb / Ann