[2.6 GB] Swindle (M NO Violet) [Cen] [2011, VN, Romance, Drama, Oral Sex, NetoraRe] [jap]

スウィンドル – wing release: 2011 Release Date: 2011/12/27
Genre: VN, Romance, Drama, Oral Sex, Netorare
Censorship: There is in the game (Games) Distribution / Publisher: M NO Violet Platform: PC / Windows Publication Type: License Tabletka: Not required
Language Games: Japanese Interface Language: Japanese voice recorder: Japanese
System Requirements: OS: WinXP / Vista / 7, CPU: Pentium4 2GHz, RAM : 1GB, VRAM: 256MB, 1920 × 1080, DirectX: 9.0c-Description: This is a reissue of the Swindle game in HD format.
Link Goetch below is posted for the old version (no new).
But there is a link to DMM . Suitable: Seiji Comes Back to His Hometown After An Interval of Five Years.
What He Remembers is Sakura, His Childhood Friend. He Still Loves Her.
He Is Transferred to Sakura’s Class, and He Confirms His UnChanged Love TowARD Sakura, Even Though She Has a Boyfriend, Enji.
One Day, Sakura and Enji Get Involved in a Traffic Accident, and Taken to Hospital. SEIJI RUSHES INTO HER HOSPITAL ROOM.
WHEN SHE HEARS HIS VOICE, SHE SAYS, “ENJI …”? ” SHE HAS LOST HER SIGHT ….- additional. Information: VNDB | Game website | Getchu | DMM installation is not required – download and play. Run the game through the file “main.exe” –