[2.89 GB] Onna Kishi Leticia The Motion Anime / Woman Knight Retishia -The Motion Anime- (World PG / WorldPG / WorldPG Animation) (EP. 1 of 1) [Cen] [2019, Big Breast, Rape, Tentacle, Lactation, Oral, Paizuri, Group, Bodage, Yuri, Toys, Creampie, Web-DL] [JAP] [720p]

-ONNA Kishi Leticia The Motion Anime
Woman Knight Retishia -The Motion Anime-
女 騎士 レティシア -the motion anime-
Year of release: 2019
Genre: Big Breast, Rape, Tentacle, Lactation, Oral, Paizuri, Group, Bodage, Yuri, Toys, Creampie
Series: EP. 1 of 1
Duration: 1H 16mn
Censorship: There are in all files
Voice: Japanese Original
Subtitles: Japanese built-in unclusive (Hardsab)
Studio: World PG / WorldPG / WorldPG Animation [ 123] Description: The Woman Knight Who Was Framed Of The Hime Kidnapping Alone of Hentai While Going In The Remote Ground Which is a den, And Encountering Various Humiliation Be Going to Rescue Hume.
■ Outline
Woman Knight Retishia Which Serves The Sane Tear Kingdom AS An Imperial Guardsman Knight. By Her Achevement That WorkedAs * Ko ** by The War With The Great Powers Countries, The Kingdom Delivered All Territories In A Hand of the SO. The Knight IS Given The Country Advances to the Extremity of the Prosperity. HOWEVER, IN A SHADE OF THE SO, THE REMNANTS OF THE ENEMY LAY HIDDEN IN THE REMOTE GROUND, AND ASKED ABOUT TIME OF THE REVENGE. By The Plot of The Magician of the Enemy Who Pretended to Be New Noble One, in Retishia, Kadowakashi Can Fall Below The Dearest Hime Which Loved Oneeself Like Elderly Sister. LED A Kidnapping of the SO in Sara; IS Framed; In The Predicament of the Desperate Situation …… While Nobody’s Help is Provided; Retishia to Rescue Hime, and to Clear Itself from Own False Charge In Sara March Into The Remote Ground Alone. Without.A PLACE OF THE SO KNOWING IT WITH THE DENS OF HENTAI …….
■ Characters
CV: The Holly Depth of Winters
The Imperial Guardsman Knight Who Serves The Sane Tear Kingdom. A Country and the Loyalty to Hime Are Stronger Than Anyone Else, and Have Both Beauty and Strength, IS Appointed Young by A Senzoku Knight of the Hime. HOWEVER, IN KOTO COVERED WITH JEALOUSY AND ENVY FROM A PART FOR REASONS OF IT. BECAUSE PURSUE STRENGTH AND THE DIGNITY AS THE KNIGHT; For Oter Koto There IS An Aspect Slightly Ignorant. Know The Particularly Sexual Knowledge Only To A Minimum; The ORIGINAL INTENTION (UBU). Because The Blond Hair Which I Did Quickly Got From Mother Is A Pride, But The Size of the Chest Interferes With The Battle, Feel That It Is Unnecessary.
· Sarah
CV: Aya ShallowS Yuri
The first Princess of the Sane Tear Kingdom. Get Warm Confidence from An Appearance Like The Ai and Quiet Character AS IDOL OF THE NATION. Retishia Which Be Favored from King, And The Strongest in a Country, But Is Still Young Appoint IT As A Senzoku Knight. The Relation with Retishia with Kento Reru Beauty is good, And Love the Woman Like Elderly Sister. Is Fitted in the Trap of Rujiasu and IS Sold to Kadowakashi Me, The King of The Slave Nation, Believe That Retishia Comes to the Rescue by All Means. Have Red Hair Like Rubii. In Short Girl, Mind That It Is Cute Breasts Inwardly.
· Neria
CV: Daisen Chiroru
The Woman Who Does Fortune-Telling in the Remote Ground. ALWAYS GIVE A SIGNIFICANT SMILE, AND SHOW A BEHAVIOR TO OCCASIONALLY MAKE FUN OF A WOMAN KNIGHT AND A VIsitor. Because Accuracy of the Fortune-Telling of The So Increases So As to Pay High Kin, Is Useful from A Rich Person. Wear Clothes Based On Kuro Letting Image Yami; Hair of the Jet Black, White Skin, Beautiful Girl of the Aoi Hitomi. One Eye Is Covered With Hair.
■ Specifications
◆ Character Designer: Midorikimura (Midori Comes An Irregularity)
◆ Story: Sakamoto Star Day (Sakamotoseinichi)
(c) WorldPG Animation / Dieselmine [123 ] ■ Music Material Offer
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Video resolution: 720p
Video format: WMV
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