[245.4 MB] [Comics] Erotic Comics Alfonso Azpiri in Russian (RUS)

1. Title:
Series “Lorna” (6 volumes)
Series “Bethlechem Styl” (3 volumes + bonus – Collection of Art)
Series “Wet Dreams” (2 part)
Comics “reflections “And” transformation “
Author: Alfonso Azpiri (Alfonso Azpiri)
2. Cover:

3. Language: Russian.
4. Format: jpeg.
5. Topics of the magazine (genre): Graphic Roman, Comic, Erotic, Fantasy, Fantasy.
6. Number of pages: from 50 to 65 in the main, there are mini-comics.
7. Summary:
Bethlehem Stylted: The Adventures of the Android Girls intended for carnal utees. The inventor made some additions to the electronic brain scheme as a result of which Bethlehem Stil acquired self-awareness and freedom of choice. By default, weakness on the front is also included in the basic program. As a result of all these changes,Akasiko – Galactic Oligarch Tanaki have serious problems with his acquisition.
Lorna: The Adventures of Lorna – Galactic Finding Adventure, part-time scout and theft and its satellites – robots suspiciously laughing on a funny couple of droids from Star Wars. The peculiarities of Lorna are the absence of smoothness and inhuman temperament (in one of the stories it can stand 6 hours of continuous group sex with a bunch of men – really science fiction).
Wet dreams: the history of the wanderings of three adventure seekers in the hands of which mysterious magic artifact. Vividly shows. What for everything in this life you have to pay.
Nightmares: a selection of cracked stories for different topics.
Reflections: Three stories taking place in TrEXs of different places and at different times associated with one magic mirror performing the most hidden people’s dreams in exchange for an exorbitant price.
Transformation: Funny mini comic.
8. Examples: