[267.9 MB] [COMIX] ROOIE ORTJES / RED EARS / Red Ears (1986-2011) [RUS] [Dany, Di Sano] [PDF] (updated)

Rooie Oortjes / Red Ears / Red Ears-Year: 1986-2011
Country: Netherlands
Genre: Erotic, Humor
Language (original): Dutch (Dutch)
Language (translation): Russian ( English)
Number of pages: 51 in each release – authors: Dany, di Sano et al.
Publisher: De Boemerang- “Rooie Oortjes” (Literal translation – “Red Ears”) – a collection of amazingly drawn comics, Icute on each page a new erotic joke. Many of them consist of one frame, and there is no text in them. Other multi-personnel stories, as often, often do not require any text. From: –
Script: linkoln191289, BUBLEGG23, VALIA87
Translation: linkoln191289
Editing and layout Linkoln191289-
Official website: http : //www.rooie-oortjes.com/
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Resolution: 1230×1740
Format: PDF
Quality: Scanned Pages