[27.7 MB] [COMIX] Lady Cop 1.2 / Lady Cop 1,2 (Karmaikel, Redfarms / http://comics-bd.com) [ALL SEX] [JPG] [RUS]

Lady Cop 1,2 / Lady Cop 1.2
Author: Karmaikel
Translator: Redfarms / http://comics-bd.com
Distribution type: Comix
Genre: All Sex [123 ] Language: Russian
Page Resolution: 1100×1500
Number of pages: 16
Format: JPG
Description: History Restoration History Hands or what else is there in the Arsenal of a policeman in two parts. Sergeant McCoy, Lieutenant McCoy and finally Captain McCoy is taken for a robbery business, reveals the clock in the police department and continually solves some family problems …