[272.6 MB] [COMIX] Artist Milo Manara, a selection of erotic comics (Russian). [rus, jpg]

Artist Milo Manara, a selection of erotic comics.
– Syague: Russian
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Quantity: 19 (folders) 11 comics. 820 color files.
A selection of erotic comics in Russian.

05/10/2009 – Collection of works of the wizard updated, added:
Bordgia 3 part; Wilma.wendi.Wanda “;” Bolero “.- On the author:
Manara Milo

  • Milo Manara was born in 1945 in the Luzone, a small Italian town near the Austrian border. Artist He dreamed of becoming from childhood, but it could not feed his traditional painting. Manara becomes an assistant sculptor, working in Malaga from the Spanish brewer Barbal. From there he makes impeccable knowledge of the human body and perfectOwnership of the academic drawing: Rafel remained beloved painter.
  • Without finding a place in the world of creative degradation, the artist placed on erotic comic and earns a bread for several years, working with the Writer Francesco Rubino over the series “Iolanda “- About the adventures of a female pirate – not bent the category” Porn “. A total of 24 release light, parallel to the cartoon. At the same time, captured by the romance of the left radicalism of the end of the 60s, Manara performs with the publications of the Maoist properties on the pages of the Italian magazine “Terror”. Almost all the money earned, not counting the wines and the vintage women, the artist spends on the study of architecture in the University of Venetian University. Commercial potential of the erotic component ofTanya will not lead to Manara away from the treasury of world culture.
  • In 1976, the Album “Monkey King” appears – the comic adaptation of the famous Chinese novel XV century, implemented by Manara together with the writer Silverio Pisa. The French edition of this album brought great fame to the artist. After that, for the publishing house “Lyarus”, Manara in 1976-1978 illustrates five episodes of the “History of France in drawings”, and B1979 creates a comic version of two stories from the World Open Cycle. In the same way, he works on the collection “History of China” and the first Tom “History of Italy” (Mandandori’s publication, 1978). These works are an excessive reminder of the errorship of philistine representations, reducing comic space somewhere between Pulp and children’s animation.
  • In 1978-80 yearsAra creates a grandiose comic-novel “Great Adventure”, which brings him already global glory. The next album of Manara “Decal” will film the famous director Bob Rafelson (“Postman calls twice”); The artist tying friendship with Federico Fellini. The attention of the Maanar’s filmmother attracted his fantasy, with a change in reality, erotic artistry and, finally, the general ease, ease of creativity. As you know, some plans of Fellini have not been implemented (the most important episodes from the bare-out films, he mercilessly disappeared on other pictures) and, even in some form to convey to the audience to the audience, Fellini trusts Manara their materialization in the form of comics. The largest unrealized films of the director – “Travel to Tulum” (almost dockMental story about the trip of the creator of the “nights of Cyberia” in Mexico to Castaneda – an event, after which humanity was first convinced that the author of Don Juan exists in reality) and the “travel of Mastornins” from now on and forever will remain in the history of culture in the precepts of comic Milnar.
    http://www.erocomics.ru/comics/manara/-tvenation, it contains an abnormative vocabulary .-