[29.7 MB] Not Another Teen Game / Network game [5.1] (Vortex Cannon Entertainment) [UNCEN] [2014, Adv, Board, All Sex] [ENG / RUS] [ANDROID]

Not Another Teen Game / Network game
Year of release: 2014
Release Date: 10/06/2014
Genre: Adv, Board, All Sex
Censorship: None / There is a patch for removal
Developer / Publisher: Vortex Cannon Entertainment
Platform: Android
Type of publication: License
Tabletka: Not required
Version: 5.1
Game Language: Russian / English
Interface Language: Russian / English
Voice Language: Russian / English
System Requirements: Android 4.0
Description: Adult Game for the game together. You get the opponent with a card queue with tasks that must be executed. If you manage to perform the task – you get glasses that can be spent in the game store.
Tasks in the game of erotic content, and gradually become more frank.
Try and possibleYour girlfriend is that you yourself would not risk suggesting
to offer your relationship.
The main features of the game:

  1. Hundreds of tasks of different subjects.
    You yourself choose what sexual entertainment is acceptable for you. Or you can choose the “random selection” point, and the game will surprise you.
  2. The ability to ask what you are dressed and what erotic toys you have in stock.
    The game will pick up tasks not only considering your game Sex preferences, but also the fact that you are currently dressed, and which items are available.
  3. Automatic increase in frankness of tasks.
    Thin setting of frankness raising speed while you play the game will suffer imperceptibly complicate tasks. It is also possible to raise or lower the frankness of the tasksJust right through the game.

English: Game for adults to Play Together. You Get Cards With Activities That You Need Complete with Your Opponent. You Will Earn Points If You succeeded, And You Can Spend Them in Game Store.
Activities in The Game Are Very Erotic, and Become Sexier During The Game.
Try Game with Your Partner and Maybe You Will Get That You Would not dare to suggest.
Unleash Your Relationship.
Add. Information: Playing the stage of active development. If it does not start or crashes on your phone / tablet, report this in the comments, or in the bug tracker on our website: http://vortexcannon.ru
Online games available online version for playing from browser or mobile devices .
There is also a version for iOS. [04/05/2015] The game is updated to version 5.1.