[299.6 MB] [mod] New suits for Sangoku Musou: Empress of TRAGEDY [UNCEN] [UNCEN] [2016, Cosplay, New Dress, stockings] [jap]

New suits for Sangoku Musou: Empress of TRAGEDY / 三 国 国 元姫 王元姫 無惨
Year of release: 2016
Genre: Cosplay, New Dress, stockings
censorship: missing
Developer / Publisher: Samopal [123 ] Tabletka: Not required
Interface language: English
System requirements (minimum): Availability of the game
Description: A couple of new suites for the princess so as not to miss.
Program for replacing textures included.
The replacement principle is simple: found a texture, chose a new one instead, saved the new Asset.
In the SharedSsetS0.assets folder:
179_Set37_Body – a carcass is revealed;
313 .set21_cloth and 212_set21_body – Green stockings and yellow shoes;
270_HAIR – it was stupid;
307_Head1 – Sponges Pucked;
239.Set22_Cloth and 317.Set22_Body – Tights with cats.
146.Set4_Cloth- We remove the holy ears. Tubetakes nothing like that, but prolose it looks best.
227.Set27_Cloth and 200.Set27_Body – Suit Hello Kitty … Bows, stockings, nothing superfluous.
SharedSsets1 and SharedSets3:
An example of how to remove Extra parts with monsters, it is enough to paint in Alpha Channel.
For the main boss, it is also necessary to replace the material, in the original it does not have transparency.
To someone to deal with the program – in the stated sharedassets0.assets archive. Copy to the Sangoku_Data folder with replacement.
Hatsune Miku Set – a set for self-installation (Garage Kit)
230.Set24_Cloth – Clothing
139.Set24_Body_Shimapan – Strip pants
139.Set24_Body_Hadaka – without panties [ 123] 240.Head2 and 307_Head1 – the facade is repainted in corporate color
270_HAIR and 270_Hair_Short – long and short hair
303.set37_cloth_midori – green slippers for nude set, and then “red with green is not combined.”
Persons and hair change throughout the project, so the kit is not pre-installed.
All these skins in the desired configuration laying in sharedassets0.assets