[3.11 GB] Besti [INPROGRESS, 9.82P] [UNCEN] [2015, 3D, SLG, CONSTRUCTOR, STRAIGHT, MLP, PONY, HUMAN] [Windows, VR] [ENG]

Release Bestior: 2015
Genre: 3D, SLG, Constructor, Straight, VR, Android VR, MLP, PONY, HUMAN
Censorship: Missing
Developer: Skunkfrakker & Veelicious Patreon
Platform: PC / Windows
Edition type: in development
Version: 9.82p
Interface language: English
System Requirements: OS: Windows / VR; HDD 4 GB.
Seimulator of sexual interchange with pony. You can create a partner in the editor, choose a ready and visit one of the proposed locations for the pastime.
Extras. Information:
A free key file can be obtained …
Just download Besti Launcher to start playing in Besti 9.82p
Automatic pony orgasm is included in the video settings.
Infinite download game – Remove dawkey “Read only” has a folder with the game. Path to Games: … \ beSti Launcher \ Gamedata \ Applications