[3.29 GB] Virgin Touch 2 / Flutter of Birds 2: TENSHI-TACHI NO TSUBASA / Touching Virgin 2 (Masaki Takei, Silky`s, PinkPineApple, Sofgare, Llamentol) (1-2 of 2) [UnCen] [2003 , Drama, Romance, Mystery, Straight, Oral, DVD5] [JAP / SPA]

Virgin Touch 2 / Flutter of Birds 2: TENSHI-TACHI NO TSUBASA
Touching Virgin 2-year production: 2003 Genre: Drama, Romance, Mystery, Straight, Oral Series : EP 1-2 of 2 Duration: 2 episode for ~ 30 minutes Censorship: No
Language: Japanese voice: Original language: Spanish voice: Professional (full duplication)
Original Character Design: Masaki Takei Studio: Silky` S, PinkPineApple, Sofgare, Llamentol Description: Miracle repeated … In another country –
The son of an Englishman and Japanese woman, our main character Shin’Ya. Growing at the homeland of his father, he wanted to visit his mother’s motherland, who died when he was young. White snow covers the city of Kuramachi. Another his native city, the last trace of his mother. That is, wherego father and mother met and got married. His aunt Miyu promises that she will take care of him in his church …
In his mother’s hometown, Shin’Ya injures his leg and goes to the clinic. So Shin’Ya stays in a small, snow-covered city, while he treat his leg, he faces various young women. His meeting in the clinic with a girl that he likes to read, note, will be the one that he will never forget …- Video quality: DVD5 Audio codec: AC3 video: 720×576 (PAL) (4: 3) 25.000fps 7000 Kbps Audio 1: Japanese, 48Khz, 192 Kbps, 2 CH Audio 2: Spanish, 48Khz, 192 Kbps, 2 CH