[3.31 GB] Daiakuji / Daiakuji -the Xena Buster- / Diaakuji / Diaakuja / Large Evil (Jun Mitsuoka / Jun Mitsoka, Adult Source Media, Alice Soft, Green Bunny) (EP. 1-6 of 6 + Sp. 1-2 Of 2) [Uncen] [2003, BDSM, Comedy, Harem, Futanari, Incest, Rape, Virgins, Anal Sex, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Straight, Sex Toys, DVDRip] [JAP / RUS / ENG] [Upscale – 720p ]

Daiakuji / Daiakuji -The Xena Buster-
大 悪悪
Diakuji / Djakuji / Large Zlodood Release: 2003
Genre: BDSM, Comedy, Harem, Futanari, Incest, Rape, Virgins, Anal Sex, Group Sex , Oral Sex, Straight, Sex Toys
Series: EP. 1-6 of 6 + Sp. 1-2 of 2
Duration: 8 ~ 28 min
Censorship: None
Language: Japanese
Voice: Original
Language: Russian
Voice: Amateur (two voices) [Parazzit & YUKA-CHAN]
Voice: Amateur (single-haired) [AnimeGroup] (Ep. 0-2, 4-7)
Subtitles: External ASS [Venzell, Rat]
Language: English
Subtitles : External SRT
Director: Jun Mitsuoka / Jun Mitsoka
Original author: Alice Soft
Studio: Adult Source Media, Alice Soft, Green Bunny
Description: * Based on the eponymous game for adult studios Alice SOft.
After the defeat of Japan in a war with a country in which the authorities have some women, the management of everyone, from the Japanese army to souvenir shops, passed into women’s hands, and men were deprived of almost all rights. The main character is a young muscular guy – returns from captivity to Osaka and discovers that the head of the gang of Yakuza, who belonged before his grandfather, became Grandfather. When hearing a fight with the whole gang, he turns out to be unconscious on the street, where he picks up a young girl, the leader of a small group of volunteers (the same young girls). Our hero decides to create their own gang from this group, gradually expand it, and, as a result, subordinate to the whole territory of Osaka! You may ask: Where is hentai here? Oh, believe me, hentai in this, filled with explosive humor historyIt is more than enough. So, look and enjoy!
Extras. information: episodes in hand numbered in accordance with the release of them on the original DVD (author’s version), the 0th episode is a kind of previews, where the main plot components are explained, and a little hentai (where without it), there is an opinion that he is here Excess and better (as it contains retelling, spoilers from the main episodes) immediately watch the series itself (from the 1st to the 6th episodes), so solve themselves. The 7th episode (hopped) completes the entire epic. Unfortunately, the voice acting from AnimeGroup was failed to find on the 3rd episode.
Video quality: DVDRip
Video resolution: Upscale – 720p
Video format: MP4
Video: MPEG4 Video (H264) 960×720 29.97fps ~ 1500Kbps
Audio 1: JAP – AAC 48000Hz STEREO 160 KBPS
Audio 2: RUS – AAC 48000Hz STEREO 160 KBPS (external file) [Parazzit & Yuka-Chan]
Audio 3: RUS – AAC 48000Hz STEREO 160 KBPS (external file) [AnimeGroup] (EP. 0-2, 4-7) [ 123] If you want to: translate, voice, distribute hentai, join our secret guild !!!