[3.5 GB] Destined for Love / Futari No Aniyome / doomed to love! (Critical Mass Video, Milky, Selen, Dream Entertainment) (EP. 1-2 of 2) [UNCEN] [2006-2007, All Sex, School, Female Students, Wifes, Teachers, DVD] [JAP / ENG / rus]

Futari No Aniyome
Destined for love
ふたり の 兄嫁

Year of release: 2006-07
Country: Japan
Genre: All Sex, School, Female Students, Wifes, Teachers
Duration: Ova (2 EP.), 30 min.
Studio: Critical Mass Video, Milky, Selen, Dream Entertainment
Censorship: No
Media Type: DVD 5
Video Flow: MPEG2 NTSC 4×3 720×480 8500Kbps
Sound support:
1: Japanese Dolby Digital 2.0 192kbps (original)
2: English Dolby Digital 2.0 192kbps (doubles)
Subtitres: [ 123] 1: English [YELLOW & WHITE] (translation of inscriptions)
2: English [Yellow & White]
3: Russian [White Arial 20] (translation: torqvimada)
Additional materials: yes [123 ]one. Trailers
Description: Childhood Memories Can Be Very Confusing. Shin’ya’s FondEst Memory Is of Playing In The Park with a Special Girl and Promising to Marry Her. HE HAD ALWAYS BELIEVED THAT GIRL WAS HIS BEST FRIEND SHIZUKU, But Upon Meeting His Brother’s New Fiance Akane, Shin’ya Realizes She Was Actually The “Special Girl”! After Shin’ya Discovers His Brother Won’t Have Sex Will He Cross The Line in Order to Help Her Experience True Ecstasy?