[3.62 GB] Koi Suru Kimochi No Hanakotoba (Hexenhaus) [Cen] [2014, VN, School, Romance, Pazuri, Oral Sex, Virgin, Harem] [jap]

Koi Suru Kimochi No Hanakotoba
恋する 気持ち の 花言葉: There is in the game (Games) Distribution / Publisher: Hexenhaus (ヘクセンハウス) Platform: PC / Windows Type of publication: License Tabletka: Not required
Language of the game: Japanese Interface Language: Japanese voice audio: Japanese
System Requirements: OS: WINXP / VISTA / 7/8, CPU: Pentium4, Ram: 512MB, VRAM: 128MB, 1280×720, DirectX: 9.0c-plot: Takumi Was Entrusted with Managing The Student Dormitory That Had Previously Been Taken Care of His Grandmother.
He Went To the Dormitory with His Osananajimi Kana and Greeted New Residents Nanakusa and Sara.
After the Business Spring Break, He Started The New School Term With Kana, Sara, and His Friend SincE Last Year Tsubaki.
Due to Bad Grades, Kana and Tsubaki ASO Ended Up Living At The Dormitory As Well.
Thus Began The Awkward House Life with His Osananajimi, Friend, Kouhai and Senpai, As a New Dorm Manager . -D. Information: VNDB | Game website | Getchu-