[3.73 GB] Sexrim V19 – Productive modulation assembly of mods on Skyrim [V19] (Torn) [UnCen] [2016, 3D, Action, RPG] [RUS]

SexRim V19 – Productive assembly of mods on Skyrim (2016)
Release Date: 2016/04/17
Genre: 3D, Action, RPG
Censorship: None
Developer: Torn
Platform: PC / Windows
Publication Type: Pirate (Unofficial)
Tabletka: Not required
Version: V19
Game Language: Russian
Interface Language: Russian
Voice Language: Russian (English) [ 123] System Requirements (Recommended):
• OS: Windows 7 x64
• CPU: 4 kernels
• RAM: 6GB
• Video Mother: 2GB
• HDD: ~ 25GB
Description: Another assembly of sex mods for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. This is a copy of the assembly 18, but without most high-resolution textures, added NPS, modified cities and any modes of inflatable papyrus. To increase productivity and stability, many visual improvements are cleaned. LeaveLena improved human bodies, animals and creatures, dragons, snow, traces of using magic and somewhat improved water.
In the assembly of 130 mods with ESP-ESM files and several small textural and model replicors.
Assembly is focused not only on the newest Sex fashion, fixing bugs, but also on the gameplay part of the game. In the assembly, everything is thought out, conflicts are minimized, the balance of the game is not disturbed, but shifted towards the complication of combat situations and increase their effect. Now the game will be more difficult (because of more skillful and smart enemies and increase their quantity) but more interesting. Many new monsters enemies added to the dangerous areas of Skyrim
for the game needed set Skyrim + 3 DLC without high resolution texture pack
18 version of the assembly with improved graphicallyth, a large set of mods ITD.
Full Description of Assembly, Modifications and Functional Read in the File Description.TXT (more than 2,200 lines)