[3.79 GB] INMU GAKUEN “DAME … KONNA NI NACCHAU NO WA YUME NO NAKA DAKE NANO …!” / Obscene school dreams: “No … it was also intelligent … Sleep!” (Lune, Marigold, Lune-Soft) [Cen] [2008, Big Tits, Saimin, Harem, School, VN] [jap]

English title: Obscene Dreams Campus: “No … i’ve Had Is Just So … in My Dreams!”
Japanese name in English Transliteration :: INMU GAKUEN “DAME … KONNA NI NACCHAU NO WA YUME NO NAKA DAKE NANO …! “
Translation of titles :: Oven School Dreams:” No … It was also kisper … Sleep! “- Year of production: 2008 | Censorship: There is a game genre: Big Tits, Saimin, Harem, School, VN-Developer: (Lune)
(Marigold, Lune-Soft) -Platform: PC / Windows | Tabletka: Presented
Type of publication: Original (licensed) – Syan: Japanese | Interface language: Japanese
Type of translation: Text and Sound Original System Requirements:
OS: Win98 / ME / 2000 / XP / Vista | CPU: PentiumIIIi 500MHz / Penitum4 1.2GHz
RAM: 128MB / 512MB | VRAM: 2MB / 8MB | HDD: 50MB / 1.5GB
800×600 | DirectX: 7.0A-Description:
Schinji senior school student! He is in love with Maryuri, his classmate. One day, his school nurse in his honey. Cabinet gives him a pendant. He allows people to see until they sleep good dreams. In one of the nights, he goes to bed with a pendant … And after some time he wakes up, and he sees that he was in Maryuri’s room. Maryuri is sleeping in bed … He is excited and begins to have sex with her …! However, no one remembers anything the next day … He freely chooses other girls and engage in sex … What is the secret of the coulon? And what will happen at the end with him? –