[3.85 GB] Chinetsu Karte: The Devilish Cherry / Team Hospital Records: Hell’s Cherry (Yokoyama Hitomi / Suzuki Mirano) (Ep. 1-2 of 2) [Cen] [2009, Large Breasts, Nurses, Rape, 2xDVD5] [jap]

恥熱 カルテ The Devilish Cherry | Chinetsu Karte: The Devilish Cherry | Hispanic hospital records: Hello Cherry-Year Released: 2009
Country: Japan-Genre: Large Breasts, Nurses, Rape
Duration:> 2 ep. For 30 min.-subtitles: no
censorship: Present director: Yokoyama Hitomi
Studio: Suzuki Mirano Description:
Chinetsu Karte Is a Tale About A Young Man Who Seduces The Very Beautiful Nurse Assigned to His Room While He’s in the Hospital. HE SOON HAS HER COMING BACK AGAIN AND AGAIN UNTIL SHE BECOMES HIS SEX SLAVE. In Time, He Makes a Move on Other Nurses and Even on One of the Female DooTors in The Hospital Until They, Too, Come Under His Spell.-Information Links: Anidb || MAL || World Art || HentaiMag-source: DVD-5
Video: MPEG2 | NTSC | 4×3 | 720×480 | 980.0 kbps
Audio Jap: AC-3 | 48000hz | 192 kbps | 2ch